Balloon Decor

Add eye-catching color and a whole new level of fun to your event with Erica’s wide variety of balloon decor options!

Supplies for these custom creations are often special-ordered for each job, so please allow 2 to 3 weeks lead time before your event.

Erica will provide all hardware and attachment supplies. Installation happens on-site. Erica will return to pick up any hardware after the event at an agreed-upon date and time.

Options & pricing

Hoop: 7.5-foot hoop


Garland: Minimum of 3 feet

$20 per foot

Arch: 12 feet wide x 10 feet tall; indoor or outdoor


Firework Bursts: Minimum of 2; maximum of 5

$75 each


$15 each

Column: Minimum of 2

$75 each

Ready to add balloon decor to your next event? Let’s make it happen!
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