Balloon Sculpting and Workshops

You won’t believe your eyes the first time you watch Erica twist a balloon sculpture. People are amazed at how fast her fingers move, and she gets so engaged with her conversations with kids and is so experienced that she often doesn’t even need to look at the balloons she’s sculpting.

Erica has over 100 balloon creations in her repertoire and has inflated hundreds of thousands of balloons for people of all ages. Kids love to request balloon versions of their favorite cartoon characters and animals, and Erica also enjoys a good challenge from unique requests.


Besides being an expert twister herself, Erica is also ready to train the next generation of balloon twisters! In the balloon workshop, Erica teaches participants how to make basic twists and coaches them through sculpting some of their very own creations. It’s an empowering experience that builds confidence and creativity!

At your event

Learn how Erica can use balloon scultping along with her other talents to make your next event even better.