Libraries, Schools, and Child Care Centers

Entertainment packages

Erica has several popular entertainment options including author visits, magic shows, balloon workshops, storytelling shows, and balloon sculpting. She will tailor any of them to fit your budget, timeframe, and expected number in attendance.

Author visits

Erica’s interactive author visits inspire children and teachers alike! Using her book, Sedgie the Hedgie Solves the Case, and her live hedgehog, Sedgie, Erica weaves magic into her presentations to help children make connections when reading and find their spark to write.

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Magic shows featuring Sedgie, the live Hedgehog

Erica offers several different magic shows:

  • The “Super-Duper” Magic Show
  • The “Let’s Have a Blast” Magic Show
  • The “Rockin’ Pirate” Magic Show
  • The “Balloon Mystery” Magic Show
  • The “Money Smarts” Magic Show

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Balloon workshop

Erica is ready to train the next generation of balloon twisters! In the balloon workshop, Erica teaches participants how to make basic twists and coaches them through sculpting some of their very own creations. It’s an empowering experience that builds confidence and creativity!

This program is recommended for ages 7 and above. Ideal number of participants is 10–45 kids (if more than 45, additional staff or helpers would be beneficial; 1 extra helper needed for every additional 15 children). Another option is to book two workshops back-to-back. No supplies are needed except for a table and an open room. Erica will have pre-inflated balloons ready for the program.

Storytelling shows featuring Sedgewick the live Hedgehog

  • The “Sing-a-Long” Storytime Show
  • The “Storytime Extravaganza” Storytelling Show
  • The “Very Buggy” Storytelling Show

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Balloon sculpting

Each hour, Erica can create 20–25 complex sculptures or 35–40 simpler sculptures. She can work from a pre-determined list of creations or let people use their imaginations to request whatever they can dream up! This is a great fit for your big seasonal events, such as a summer kickoff party, fall festival, or open house.

Airbrush tattoos

If you expect a lot of people and you want something quick and memorable, Erica’s colorful temporary airbrush tattoos would be a good fit. They can be applied in about a minute or less, and there are dozens of designs to choose from, including superheroes, animals, sports, Star Wars, and many more.

Booking your event

Erica usually begins booking for summer programming in January. She is available Tuesday through Thursday each week. For childcare centers, there is a two-program-per-visit requirement. A driving fee may apply to locations more than one hour from Columbus.

Once you book Erica, she will email you an invoice with all the details. The week of your event, she will call ahead to confirm the details. On the day of your event, she will arrive on time and be professional and enthusiastic. For libraries, Erica will show up 30 minutes prior to the start of the program.