The Adventures of Sedgie the Hedgie

A whimsical children’s series about Sedgie the Hedgie, the live hedgehog, by performing author, magician, and balloon artist Erica Carlson.

Sedgie the Hedgie Solves the Case

Book Two

It’s Clover the Pup’s birthday and Sedgie the Hedgie wants to make it extra special. But when Clover’s birthday gift goes missing, these two detectives get curious to find out what happened. A surprising list of suspects leads to an even more shocking solution to this mystery.

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Sedgie the Hedgie Finds the Treasure

Book One

Two very different friends set out to find buried treasure. They overcome fear and find their way using teamwork. Come along to see how surprises can twist and turn a journey into an adventure!

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What people are saying about Sedgie the Hedgie Solves the Case

“I really liked your book and what I liked about it is that there were turtles. I liked the bumblebees on every page. And I liked doing the code, too!”
—Niko (age 5)

“Erica’s new book is interesting, educational, and contains surprises for kids of all ages. Not only does she craft a fun story with adorable characters (I love Sedgie), she provides engaging activities and reminds all of us about what friendship is along the way. As a parent, grandparent, and educator I highly recommend it.”
—Sandy, former elementary educator

Erica on the news!

Wake Up CBUS, May 2024:

Good Day Columbus, April 2024:

Author Visits

Erica and Sedgie’s interactive author visits inspire children and teachers alike! She weaves magic into her presentations to help children make connections when reading and find their spark to write.

“Erica brought reading to life for our students. In two full days, she held two assemblies and 19 workshops. Every students was 100% engaged.”
—Mrs. Stotz, Third Grade Teacher

“Activities were engaging and inclusive. She built confidence in a safe environment for kids to take risks.”
—Mrs. Ross, Intervention Specialist

“She was really kind to us.”
—Clara, 10-year-old student

Full-School Assemblies

Grades K – 5

  • Grades K-2 | The Magic of Reading: Erica reveals character and plot inspiration for her book with interactive magic and Sedgie the Hedgie, the real hedgehog.
  • Grades 3-5 | The Magic of Writing a Book: Erica performs magic tricks to reveal her book’s inspiration and uses a slideshow to break down the writing/illustrating process, character development, meaning, and literary terms such as foreshadowing and inferencing. Sedgie the Hedgie makes an appearance, too!

Magical Read-Alouds

30-40 minutes
Preschool – Grade 5

  • Erica does an interactive read-aloud with magic tricks sprinkled in.
  • This program is best for smaller groups and allows for more interaction and Q&A.
  • This would be a great option for preschool-age children.

Add-On Workshops

20 minutes
Grades K – 5
Recommended for 20-40 students

  • Drawing Workshop: Erica will teach students to draw Sedgie the Hedgie and Clover the Pup. Recommended for any grade. Custom Sedgie the Hedgie pencils available for purchase.
  • Balloon Twisting Workshop: This multi-modal approach to learning gets kids kinesthetically interacting with the book by learning how to twist Clover the Pup out of balloons. All supplies provided and the students get to (carefully) take home their balloon dog. Recommended for grades 2-5.
  • Writing Workshop: Using custom handouts, Erica will encourage children to extend their knowledge of the book to create a new treasure for Sedgie to find (grades K-2) or add dialogue for a six-panel comic (grades 3-5). She will also teach students about character development and encourage students to create their very own character inspired by their lives.

Contact Erica to schedule a visit

More Details

Having been a teacher in the past, Erica understands the need for flexibility and is willing to customize this visit to fit your students’ needs and schedule. Erica has her own sound system and brings everything she needs for a successful author visit. Pre-sale of signed books is also an option. If the school is over one hour away, there is a driving fee.

If you’d like a preview of her book Sedgie the Hedgie Finds the Treasure, you can watch this video of Erica reading it.

Erica visits North Union Elementary

About the Real Animals

Sedgie the Hedgie
Clover the Pup
Picasso the Turtle
Boris the Tortoise

Clover and Sedgie have enjoyed a long friendship in the Carlson home since 2011. Clover is a whoodle (wheaten terrier/poodle mix). Sedgie the Hedgie is an African Pygmy Hedgehog. Contact Gail with Millermeade Farms Critter Connection if you want to purchase your own hedgehog.

Even though Sedgie the Hedgie has “passed the torch” to other hedgehogs over the years, the hedge-dog friendship has remained. These two pets graciously welcomed Picasso to Erica’s home in 2023. Picasso is over 40 years old and has come out of retirement for more edutainment fun after Erica’s sister, Lea, used him in her magic shows for many years! Boris the Tortoise is a beloved class pet Erica met while doing an author visit. She promised the students she would include their sweet Russian tortoise in her next book.

Sedgie’s likes:

  • running on his wheel
  • exploring and meeting new people
  • eating bugs and mealworms (treasure!)
  • snuggling
  • playing with toys
  • sleeping during the day when he’s not magically appearing
  • pooping after a magic show 

Sedgie’s dislikes:

  • REALLY loud noises
  • surprises
  • being cold

Clover’s likes:

  • greeting humans
  • catching leaves and snowballs
  • sleeping
  • getting belly rubs

Clover’s dislikes:

  • baths
  • thunderstorms
  • fireworks (good thing it was Sedgie dreaming in the second book!)
  • balloons (ironically) 

Picasso’s likes:

  • earthworms and cantaloupe
  • being held and staring at you
  • lounging in his water bowl
  • exploring outside

Picasso’s dislikes:

  • not much…he’s a pretty chill dude
  • well, maybe spinach

Pets are a great way to learn responsibility. These animals have helped Erica’s family learn the importance of empathy, patience, and unconditional love.

Print this coloring page and get creative!

About the Author and Illustrator

Erica Carlson is a performing author who specializes in children’s books based on her magic shows featuring her live magical hedgehog, Sedgie the Hedgie. Erica is a former language arts teacher and, like Sedgie, she is a balloon sculptor with twenty-five years of experience. 

Erica loves sparking creativity and refueling people’s joy. She loves finding adventure in the day-to-day flow of life by bike riding and eating picnics with her family, running with friends, and reading on her porch. She lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her supportive husband, three curious children, and adorable pets: Sedgie the Hedgie, Clover the Pup, and Picasso the Turtle. Boris the Tortoise is a class pet she met while doing an author visit, and she promised the students she would include Boris in her next book.

As a mother of three, Erica is constantly trying to solve life’s never-ending mystery: “What’s for dinner?”

Drew Dittmar is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design where he studied illustration. This is his third published book. When he isn’t drawing, he likes spending time in the many nature trails around Ohio.