About Erica

Erica’s goal is to be a positive and uplifting person to those she interacts with and help create fun memories. She uses her background experience, knowledge, and talent along with her enthusiasm and patience to make each entertainment experience fun and exciting for children. She loves entertaining and interacting with young people and looks forward to meeting you and your family soon!

The beginning

Erica has worked in the Children’s Entertainment business for over 20 years. She began her ballooning adventures in Dayton, Ohio, with her sister, Lea, and brother-in-law, Dan. The business originated with Dan’s parents who passed down their talents to the family.

School and work

Erica honed her talents at twisting balloons and face painting at restaurants, community events, and children’s parties throughout high school and college. After graduating with her Master of Education degree in Integrated Language Arts from The Ohio State University in 2008, Erica taught full-time to students both with and without disabilities.

The business grows

After finishing her third year of teaching in 2011, Erica decided to work in the exciting field of Children’s Entertainment full-time. Over the years, Erica has entertained at restaurants, schools, and other venues for various events in the Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati areas. Sedgewick the Hedgehog joined the business in 2011 and has been kept busy in libraries and daycares being the star of Erica’s magic and storytelling shows. Erica has also led librarians in training workshops to address group management techniques for programming with kids. She loves to give back when possible by donating her time and talents to educational and youth-oriented causes.

Family life

With just the right mix of silly and serious, Erica uses these traits to help her both be goofy with little ones and stay organized with her varied schedule. Her husband, Tim, helps her run the business by doing most of the marketing and web design. Tim and Erica have three children, Suzie, Linus, and Fletcher. When not at a gig, Erica enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, crafting, playing Scrabble, and running with the family dog, Clover.

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